Monday, February 6, 2017

I hit publish for MASTER IDEA STRATEGY

This is called a soft launch. I'm hoping friends and family will read, review, tweet, repost, and just get the word out about this awesome series. I hit publish at Amazon Kindle for Master Idea Strategy. Next, I blog, tweet, and share the book with family and friends and wait for this the catch on...fingers crossed.

The first two books will be offered free on Valentines Day February 14th. Sign up for an email reminder.

Can't keep up with my holiday promotions? Email me for review copies, they're the same as published copies.

Remember, you can give copies to your friends and family but please no posting anything for the general public to download. Thanks. 

TWO SECONDS: MASTER THE SPEED OF IDEAS AND OWN EVERY SECOND AFTER is on sale now at Amazon. It's short ebook. You can read it in an evening and it will shape the rest of your life.

 Will go live in 72 hours or less.

MASTER IDEA STRATEGY will go live in the next 72 hours.

OTHER BOOKS: Book number 3 is almost ready for publishing. Maybe a couple weeks? Once I got the title--MY...YOUR IDEA STRATEGY everything flowed. I have 1500+ pages of writing in my ideas journal. This title opens all of that up for you. But this will be a short book, you can read it in an evening, and what's in it will change your life.

TALKS, COURSES, COACHING AND MORE: Wow! Am I swamped with little projects right now. I can't even write a thing about these.

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