Monday, February 27, 2017

NEWS: Great! I ran into my friend on Friday, caught up with him and told him about my book. He says he'll read it and tell all his friends. That's nice, I want to talk to someone about my Idea Strategy Series everyday.

I think I discovered how I want to end book three. I came up with 4 ways ideas pause this morning.

It goes like this. The first pause is observational. Something happens and your senses relay whatever it is and you get ideas. This is the speed of ideas. It takes 0.1 seconds minimum to get an idea. If you read my first book it's closer to 0.5 seconds and more like 2 seconds. Ideas in conversation is like this. I say hello and you say hello back in about 2 seconds.

I came up with 3 more pauses. It's awesome, I can't wait to share my 3rd book with you.  

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