Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Getting ideas?

Hey! Welcome.

I'm Patrick Waldron and I'm getting ideas...that I am writing about ideas. You are getting ideas that I am writing about ideas, if you're reading this. If not you are getting ideas about other things.

I used to write in all directions trying to explain how ideas work and now I have this great little story. It can be told a million different ways but I'm Getting Ideas About Being Thirsty is the best. I'll write a short version here.

I’m getting ideas that I’m thirsty, right now.
I’m getting ideas that my mouth is dry.
I’m getting ideas that my saliva is pasty, gummy.

I’m getting ideas that I am walking over to the water filter in my apartment.
I’m getting ideas that I am dispensing water into my glass.
I’m getting ideas that my glass is filling with water, sounds of water turbulence, the glass is getting cold.
I’m getting ideas that I’m tripping out on the physical properties of the water, the transparency, the liquid movement, the lights and darks, the tiny little drops falling on my hand.

I’m getting ideas that that I raised the glass to my mouth.
I’m getting ideas that I have begun drinking it.
I’m getting ideas that the water is filling my mouth, that it‘s cold, that drips of water are running off of my lips.
I’m getting ideas that the water is cooling my stomach or whatever is in here, that it’s filling my stomach, that I’m almost fill, and that I am now full.

This follows the goal, actions, and success/failure format that we love. This is a trimmed down version. There are ton of tangents. I have written about other feelings, experiences, and so on. I could write an entire book about getting ideas that I'm getting a cup of water. I'm sure I will.

Getting ideas is just like noticing someone wearing a red shirt. Light comes from a light source, in my case an artificial light. It bounces off an object and goes through the cornea, lens and retina of my eye. The retina translates the light into nerve impulses that travel down the optic nerve and through parts of the brain and ends up in my idea center where I get the idea that I see red. I am wearing red shirt.

I am writing this blog to test out ideas for my upcoming books. The first is GETTING TO KNOW YOUR ABSTRACT SELF 2018 by me PATRICK WALDRON.

I'm posting these will nilly in order to build some blog mass here. I've over a hundred posts I put into draft mode because this blog ha become a mess over the years. I'm putting only my best posts up now.

Ask any question you want.

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