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Is this the Ultimate Question? 2018

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I've got an ultimate question for you. It will settle everything. But first you need some introduction.

I'm Patrick Waldron. I used to say: "I talk ideas. Idea strategy is my program. And you should collect all the ideas you possbly can."

Now, it's a lot more intense than that. Before I give you my ultimate question I need to ask you a preparation question: What's going on?

It was a common greeting once~What's going on? Meaning catch me up on the latest happenings.

When I ask that question I mean, 'What's going on?' How did I get here? Why do I feel like I'm behind my eyes? Why am I taught all of these things? Why am I expected to act in various ways? Why are some people rewarded, (now many, many people) for working outside of the rules?

Again, I have a question that wipes away these questions but I need to get you prepared to understand it.

I might say that I am getting ideas that I am talking to you about ideas and you may be getting ideas that I am talking to you about ideas. Right, we just get ideas about things.

But the best example of how we get ideas is a story I came up with I call Getting Thirsty.

I'm getting ideas that I'm thirsty. I'm getting ideas that my mouth is dry.
I'm getting ideas that I have gummy pasty saliva.
I'm getting ideas that I'm breathing a little faster. I discovered this while working out this story, really. I get ideas that I'm breathing faster when I practice this story.
I'm getting ideas that breathing faster isn't the usual for being thirsty. I'm getting ideas of people offering water to other people who are breathing faster.

I'm getting ideas that I'm getting up to get water.
I'm getting ideas that I see my glass on the counter next to the water filter.
I'm getting ideas that I am walking to the water filter.
I'm getting ideas that I'm standing in front of the water filter.
I'm getting ideas that I'm drawing the water out into my glass.
I'm getting ideas that little drops of water are splashing on my hand as the water fills my cup.
I'm getting ideas that I'm tripping out over the liquid properties of the water.
I'm getting ideas that I'm raising the glass to my lips.
I'm getting ideas that the water is filling my mouth.
I'm getting ideas that the water is cold.
I'm getting ideas that the water has moistened my mouth and is dripping from my lips.
I'm getting ideas that the water is filling my stomach or whatever is inside here.
I'm getting ideas that I'm satiated now.

Wow! I never thought it would look like that. I practiced this story long before I wrote it like this. When I wrote notes, I skipped most of the -I'm getting ideas that-phrases. 

I used to think that description of drinking water reveals that I make no actions, that even though I am doing so many things, I am just a disconnected, though informed, observer getting ideas of these steps but never getting any verification.

Every time I speak that story, I find myself skipping the I’m-getting-ideas-that part and just listing my observations. That’s wrong. I am getting ideas all of the time.

The actions in getting thirsty and getting water is just like noticing someone wearing a red shirt. Light comes from a light source in my case an artificial light. It bounces off an object and goes through the cornea, lens and retina of my eye. The retina translates the light into nerve impulse that travel down the optic nerve and through parts of the brain and ends up in my idea center (I just invented this place--actually I invented it before.) where I get the idea that I see red. A red shirt. You get an idea. You get ideas of all of these things. You get ideas of your whole life flying past you.

When I see this story written, the getting ideas story that is, I think, that’s a lot of ideas. Look how many times I typed, I’m-getting-ideas-that.  It’s a lot. When I type it, I’ve typed it a few times now, I copy and paste those four words in blocks of five. Like this…

I’m getting ideas that
I’m getting ideas that
I’m getting ideas that
I’m getting ideas that
I’m getting ideas that

It’s because that’s my experience of life. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens with you. You get ideas. The answer to what’s going on is, I’m getting ideas. You’re getting ideas.

You are getting ideas that you are here.
You are getting ideas that you are you.
You are getting ideas that you have family, friends, education, a career, communities.
You are getting ideas that I am sharing what’s going on--getting ideas--with you.

There’s more.

This isn’t the end, the next part is the end. But I hope you stick around after that, there’s more. Even though what’s next is the end of everything.

Getting ideas, is amazing. In a way, I’ve always known this and I’m sure you have had ideas of this too. The end however, is coming up pretty quick now. The next part will flatten you out. It’s going to destroy everything that you are.

I had been writing about ideas for maybe three and a half years and I finally came up with an ending for my book. I was writing the book of ideas. A journal of ideas really. And up until then I had asked myself why do I keep writing this horrible marketing and stream of consciousness, positive motivational stuff? Who’s gonna read it? Then, I came up with this question that finished it. It tied everything up. It justified everything.

That was great until like Pandora’s box and the Mickey Mouse sorcerer’s apprentice this question started ending everything. I had an idea it would, but it’s startling to see it at work.

The question is: Is blank an idea? It doesn’t sound like much on it’s own. But start plugging everything into it.

Is knowledge an idea? Is faith, an idea? Is hope an idea? Is truth an idea?

You know the answers.

This question actually started as a comment on a reddit entrepreneur forum question about business and meditation. My comment began snarky and linked to a video called Meditation is Evil. Then, I comment that I use idea strategy and ask is meditation an idea? Regardless of the answer, I can go about my business.

So once we figure out that something is an idea we can move on, ideas are often un-actionable and less important than getting on with business, making our appointments, and carrying out what we have already agreed to do. Right?  Your life is busy enough without people asking you what are you here for?  

And everything you are working on right now is leading up to my question: is blank an idea? All of your hopes and dreams are leading up to this question.

Is your life an idea? Are your aspirations ideas? Is finding truth in your life an idea? Is raising your children the best you can an idea? Is advancing to the highest point in your career an idea? Is this new thing that you are concerned with an idea? Everything leads to the question: is blank an idea?

There’s no more going forward now. My story is about how did I get here?

So, we’ve started with the ending and I’ll take you back to the beginning and show how I advanced from basically asking, "What is an idea?" to asking "Is everything and idea?" I call it idea strategy…the war of ideas.

That was pretty huge post. A friend of mind said it's mind boggling. Yikes!

I'm writing this blog to document the creation of my book, YOUR ABSTRACT SELF by PATRICK WALDRON 2018 and my book IS GOD AN IDEA? I'm not sure when I'll publish this one.

That’s it. Questions? Comment below. Check out my book THE SPEED OF IDEAS by PATRICK WALDRON 2017.

Come back here on Friday for Word Origins Fridays. I’ll start with the word idea.

Stick with me. I am going to write two books and share the contents here on this blog.

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