Monday, June 11, 2018

The Long Term Memory Battle with Ideas.


I hope you are feeling great today.

Over the weekend I made a connection between my early writings on ideas and long term memory (LTM).

It goes like this. I've been writing for the longest time that your biggest problem with ideas is you toss them. You might say, "No, I hold on to my best and if I ever get a chance..." However, when you actually start recording all of your ideas you find that too many of your best ideas get put aside. I figured out how this works.

I wrote a book called TWO SECONDS, where I showed how it takes you about two seconds to get an idea about anything. Just recently, I had been reading about short term and long term memory and realized that the only things you "remember" (using LTM) are things you have thought about, recorded, memorized for 20 seconds or more. And that's what I wrote about like crazy in my first couple of years of writing about ideas.

So that's my next book, TWENTY SECONDS. Awesome huh? You'll get it when you read this book.

Why twenty seconds? It's because short term memories and working memories peter out around 7 to 20 seconds after you make them. Think of how easy it is to get lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Think of how easy it is to forget someone's name after meeting dozens of people for the first time at a social gathering.

This isn't new knowledge, people have studied memory since the beginnings of language. This is connecting ideas, the data inside your head with what you want out of life.

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